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Our Web Protection Sentry™ products and our technology partner provide online brand protection and enforcement. Our primary services include: Corporate Domain Management, Online Brand Protection, and Global Domain Recovery. We can work effectively and cooperatively with celebrities, athletes, Fortune 1000 companies, record companies, personal managers and firms, sports agents, music and literary publishing companies, talent and booking agencies, advertising agencies, public relations firms, interactive agencies, law firms, legal services firms, and more.

The technology has reclaimed millions of dollars in lost revenues for clients, who include some of the world’s best known companies and brands. Its success is based on an array of factors to include: proprietary, patent-pending technology; an in-depth understanding of the Internet; domain management; and e-commerce. This service provides dedicated account management combined with a flexible, consultative approach to each client engagement.

It is well known that the recipe for a successful brand includes carefully defining what your business represents and delivering a consistent customer experience every time. Whether your business is fast food or residential cleaning, your brand says, This is who we are, and this is what we can do for you. The stronger the brand, the greater the correlation is to consumer purchasing. That is why businesses invest heavily to protect such an intangible part of their business plan.

Creating, promoting, and protecting the brand is the role of the corporate office. Protecting your brand, which is your marketplace identity, starts with careful brand management. Your brand may have started as a name and a product or service, but over time your brand identity may include a logo, mascot, slogan, color scheme, phone number, and even a scent. Your brand is used in corporate and franchise marketing materials, signage, and business stationery. It shows up in the quality of your product or service and the consistency of its delivery.

The brand is the most valuable piece of your organization but, without proper care and attention, it could become damaged or disappear completely. Protecting the brand use and maintaining its consistency across products and locations is the single most important role of the corporate office.

Your franchisees purchased the right to use your brand. Without it they have lost the foundation of their business.

Start your brand protection at the inception.

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